All the books I want to read by the end of 2021

Where has this year gone? I started off the year with a small list of books I wanted to get through, that were my top priorities for the year, including new releases and backlist titles. I’ve managed to succeed with some of the books I included on that list, such as Malice by John Gwynne, Master of Sorrows by Justin T. Call, and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir just to name a few. But there are still quite a number that I have yet to start that I would love to finish 2021 having read.

This list only includes books I’ve had on my shelves for a long time or anticipated 2021 releases. While there are sequels to books I’ve read this year that I’m desperate to get to, I’m not including them on this list otherwise the list would go from somewhat manageable to ridiculously chaotic in seconds.

The books

As you can see there are a couple of series I’m hoping to finish by the end of 2021, but also a bunch of series I’m aiming to start. Is that a good idea? Probably not, especially considering how many series I currently have on the go. But am I going to do it anyway? Yes. Yes I am. I didn’t choose a chaotic life, the life of chaos chose me.

Are there any books you want to read before the end of 2021?

6 thoughts on “All the books I want to read by the end of 2021

    1. kaysbooknook says:

      Thank you! Oh you should definitely do one – it’s a great motivator to make sure you read the books you want to 😂 I love Life is Strange (the games) but have never read the graphic novels. I hope you enjoy them!

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